3 Ways Webinars Can Help With Online Reputation Management

3 Ways Webinars Can Help With Online Reputation Management

Webinars are effective tools in generating leads and converting them into customers. The interactivity of the platform makes it one of the best ways to market products and services no matter the industry.

But what about customer retention?

How can webinars help businesses keep their customers happy and manage their online reputation at the same time?

Onboarding Webinars

A considerable number of complaints customers have against a product or service stems from the fact that they weren’t properly onboarded. Unfulfilled customer expectations are one of the most overlooked causes of unhappy clients.

You might think that all your customers are equipped to take maximum advantage of your product or service, but that’s not always the case. Sure, you’ve provided all the tools and strategies, but these tools and strategies won’t be much use unless they’re utilized properly.

That’s where an onboarding webinar comes in. You conduct one or have a recording of one available for all new clients. You can even make it into a series of webinars. The point of these sessions would be to properly educate your clients on how to use your product or service to get the results they expect. Or, at the very least, manage those expectations.

This applies not only to new customers but old ones as well. When you roll out an update on your product or a new feature in your service, onboarding the current users will ease the flow for users and manage inevitable issues.

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FAQ Webinars

Customers are willing to solve their own problems as long as they’re given the resources to do so. When you make clients contact Support for even the simplest issues – even those that two lines on an FAQ page can resolve – you’re courting negative customer reviews.

For the more complicated problems that need a bit more guidance than two lines of instructions on an FAQ page, FAQ webinars are the answer.

You need to know what the most common issues your customers face with your product or service are – especially those issues that would require a walkthrough or an online demonstration – and conduct webinars that address them. You can do one exhaustive one and try to cover as many issues as possible, but we recommend doing two to three topics only per webinar. This would optimize the length of the sessions and make them easier to manage. You can then post recorded versions of the webinars on your FAQ page for future access.

Resource Webinars

Your webinars don’t have to revolve around only your product or service. In order to help your audience succeed, there is sometimes a need for a complementary resource. Maybe there’s another software that will help maximize results, or a strategy another expert presented that would work well with your higher-level customers. Offer your audience regular webinars that will help them navigate not only the product or service you offer, but your industry in general. This will give them the boost they need to reach the objective they established when they started.

When you put in extra effort into the success of your audience, you’re showing that you value them beyond their purchase. This is outstanding customer service, and can only work to improve your brand’s online reputation.


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