Four Don’ts: What NOT To Do When Conducting Customer Surveys

Four Don'ts: What NOT To Do When Conducting Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are essential especially when a brand is serious about enhancing their products or services. Soliciting feedback allows your audience to see your sincerity in providing great service and it can serve as a preventative strategy in managing your brand’s online reputation.

And while knowing the dos for a successful customer survey are important, it’s also imperative that you know the don’ts.

DON’T get too personal.

Asking for information that are too intrusive – even when you feel like there’s a point to them – can drive respondents to abandon your survey. If you must ask, the items must be optional and indicated as such.

DON’T ignore negative feedback.

When customers take time to let you know how they feel about your brand, it’s polite to acknowledge it. Especially if the feedback is negative. You want to let the respondent know as soon as you’ve received the feedback that you’ve seen it and are working on solving whatever issues that necessitated the feedback. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and this will encourage them to directly contact you in case they have any bad reviews, and not immediately post their complaints on social media and other similar platforms.

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DON’T ignore positive comments.

Again, it’s just polite. And it will also establish a stronger relationship between you and your customers when they know that you take time to go through the comments that they send. You can also utilize the positive feedback you get into your brand’s content marketing to showcase your impressive customer service.

DON’T forget to pre-test.

You want to get initial feedback before you launch the survey to your target group. There might sometimes be spelling and grammar errors you missed, but your test group should also look out for the following:

  • Are the questions clear? You might think you’ve managed to simplify the thought you want to convey but it’s useful to have your test group confirm it.
  • Is it possible for some people to take offense on some of your questions? Again, you might not have the intention of being rude, but what you mean might be taken differently by other people. Better to be safe and have a test group go through your survey first.
  • Do the questions make sense? Are they all necessary for the main theme of the survey? Can some questions be removed to improve the flow? Are they arranged logically as to build interest in the respondent the more time they spend on the survey?

Your test group should be made up of people whose opinions you value and who know the brand well.

Your turn. What do you think are essential tips in conducting customer surveys and what should be avoided? Let us know in the comments!


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