Delight Your Audience: Use Webinars To Enhance Customer Experience

Delight Your Audience: Use Webinars To Enhance Customer Experience

Webinars are effective in generating leads and converting prospects. They invite more conversation, encourage audience participation, and generally do a better job of establishing the host as an authority in their field than other marketing strategies ever could.

You don’t have to limit your webinar use to just lead generation and conversion, though. It’s wise to also utilize the strategy further along the buyer’s journey.

In fact, webinars can be an invaluable tool when building a stronger relationship with your current customers – turning them from one-time buyers to loyal brand ambassadors.

And how can this feat be managed, you may ask? Here are three kinds of webinars perfect when you have customer delight in mind.

Q&A Webinar.

More specifically, a live Q&A webinar. Not only will this give your audience a chance to get their issues sorted, but it will also be an opportunity for you to take note of the most common problems your current customers face. You can use your notes to either improve your product or create an entirely new one to cater to the needs you’ve discovered.

Some marketers get intimidated with the idea of a question and answer webinar as it implies a sort of free-for-all event, but it doesn’t have to be. It helps if you establish a topic that you can then use as a base for your talk. It’s also important that you be a stern moderator as the conversation can get away from you if you allow it.

Experience first-hand how webinars can delight your existing customers. Host one with us!

Group Coaching Webinar.

You want your customers to be able to use your product in the most optimized way possible. Your purpose is that they accomplish whatever goal they have set for themselves using your product or service. You are invested in their success.

What better way to showcase your investment than a live coaching session?

You can present this as part of a reward system you’ve set up – or you can just randomly pick recipients. However you decide to go about it, the point of this kind of webinar is to set some time toconnect with your customers in a more personalized level.

You can do the coaching session in groups of five to ten. Have a questionnaire sent out to the attendees in advance, so they can fill you in with their most common pain points and some general industry-related issues. This will allow you to prepare a game plan that will maximize the time you’ve set up for the coaching webinar.

Educational Webinar.

Your customer service webinars don’t have to be focused only on your own products. One of the best ways you can turn your customers into loyal followers is to keep educating them.

Not about your products, but about the industry you belong to in general. You have to think of what else your audience can learn to make the best – not only of what they bought from you – but their business.

You can conduct interviews with leaders in your industry. You can host a webinar by a noted influencer – you don’t have to be there, you hosting the event will still keep you top of mind with the audience.

Find different ways to keep your customers educated, know what else they can be doing to optimize their business, and launch webinars that will cater to those needs.


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