Why Webinars: Four Ways Webinars Can Benefit Your Brand

Why Webinars: Four Ways Webinars Can Benefit Your Brand

Webinars seem to be everywhere these days. You can’t scroll down your News Feed without seeing a post or an ad talking about an online training. More and more marketers have been utilizing this content marketing strategy and singing its praises. And why not? Webinars are effective, engaging, and considered the top two most effective tactic when it comes to B2B marketing.

Want to know how else webinars can benefit your business? Here are four:

Benefit #1: Webinars establish you as an authority.

In modern marketing, you need to be an expert to stand out. Your audience need to trust you before they can even consider investing in you. This is why you blog and offer relevant content consistently – you want to build trust and the best way to do that is to offer value.

Webinars are a great way to deliver value. Launch ones with the purpose of educating your audience. Discuss the common problems they face and what advice you can give them. Make your advice actionable, and if possible, quantifiable – people trust information they can measure.

You do this often enough, and you place yourself in a position of authority. Prospects will then start looking to you as the subject matter expert, and converting them to your product or service will just be a matter of when, not if.

Benefit#2: Webinars celebrate your ideas.

That sounds a bit egotistical, but the fact remains that webinars give more weight and a sense of celebration around your ideas than a blog post ever could. After all, you don’t announce you’re going to post an article a month in advance no matter how helpful and relevant that post might be. People don’t need to register before they can see your blog post. There’s no specific hashtag just for that blog post so you can track it on social media (although this seems like a good idea).

Webinars, on the other hand, require a bit more investment from your audience. They have to sign up and schedule the time for the event in advance. There’s a sense of anticipation. All these will bring more buzz to your webinar and increase the influence of the event and your idea.

Want to take advantage of the benefits your brand can get from webinars? Host your first event with us!

Benefit #3: Webinars help you better understand your audience.

Webinars are made to be interactive. When utilized well, polls, chat, and survey features can provide a closer look into how your audience tick – and how you can help them.

Are there questions that keep on coming up about a specific subject or product? You can plan on hosting another webinar dedicated to it.

Does your audience hint at an issue that you’re previously unaware of? Do more research on it and craft a product or service that can meet the need.

Ask the right questions and LISTEN. A great webinar will provide the host an opportunity to learn as well as teach.

Benefit #4: Webinars are cost-effective and convenient.

Live events consistently rank as the most effective content marketing tactic, but organizing one can cost a pretty penny and take a lot of ninja skills.

Webinars, on the other hand, have pretty much all the features people look for in a live event – live speaker, interactivity, an immersive experience – without any of the attendees or the hosts leaving the comfort of their homes.

A session won’t cost you an arm and a leg even with hundreds of attendees registered. And you can have participants from all parts of the globe – it’s a win win win situation and one that more and more marketers are making use of.


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